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the 18th district

the 18th district: April 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013


Finally, a new outfit post !
I chose this simple, yet chic and comfy outfit for my birthday celebration last Saturday. 
 I decided to pimp up this more or less very simple and classy look with my new neon transparent box clutch (one of the birthday presents form my love). Charlotte Olympia kicked off this amazing trend of transparent box clutches. Well, I have to be honest, I'm not an adherent of imitations, but when I saw Olivia Palermo (who is one of my biggest style icons) rocking her transparent neon clutch from Zara, I abandoned my attitude in that case. If you are still looking for a transparent clutch, check out the next Zara store, but be quick - they sell like hot cakes !!!

As you might have noticed, I fell in love with the breathtakingly beautiful bracelets from MIANO a few weeks ago. 
Last week I finally received my own wonderful bracelets ♡ 
 All MIANO bracelets are made with love and extraordinary diligence in the most beautiful state of Austria, Carinthia. 
Sandra Miano-Konrad, the brilliant designer, only uses natural and nobel materials which are all knotted into unique art works by hand.
Ultimate quality is guaranteed by the use of real corals, semiprecious stones, fresh water pearls, goat skin and antelope leather. 
You are going to love the colorful, eye-catching and one of a kind masterpieces. 
Check out the online store - here, they have a special offer at the moment. 
Ps: Free shipping within Austria and to Germany. 
PPs: ♡ Dear Sandra, thank you for my wonderful bracelets ! ♡ 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 As you might have noticed I celebrated my birthday last Saturday. There might be people who do not like to celebrate their birthday, but I definitely do love to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. Well, I'm honest I like to feel special for a day or two (who doesn't love that ?!?) and have a perfect excuse to eat to much birthday cake and drink a glass of wine. 
On Saturday I celebrated at home in Carinthia, at my parents place, with my family.
My Mami and my sister Florentina surprised me with the most wonderful birthday cake ever, a Chanel inspired black&white homemade cake.
Thank you so much for this heavenly surprise!
My lovely family spoiled me with gorgeous presents and made my special day more than special ;)
The past 23 years have been amazing and I truly feel blessed for everything life has brought along so far.
Birthdays always make me think about my life, and so I would love to thank my family and the love of my life for their love and support!
You make me feel special and loved, each and every day !
❤ I love you ! 
My dear readers, you also made my special day even better with all your lovely birthday wishes on Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you so much!
Enough talk, here are some pictures of my special day !
Enjoy ;)

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Friday, April 19, 2013


"Be happy for no reason, like a child. 
If you are happy for a reason, 
you're in trouble,
 because that reason can be taken from you."

I wanted to take photos with balloons since I started the blog, and now eventually here is my eagerly awaited romantic post with balloons;) 
PS: I wore this dress for the first time nearly exactly one year ago, on my birthday - have a look at this post - here .


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Friday, April 12, 2013

COMFY CHIC on a Sunday

 I love to escape to Italy at the weekend and that's exactly what I did last Sunday. I'm an avid  fan of Italy and the moment I cross the border to Italy I feel entirely happy. When I'm at home, in Carinthia, a trip to Italy always is a must ;) On Sunday the weather was quite nice and we could even catch some sun. My outfit for a day trip needs to be chic and comfy, I chose comfy wedge sneakers and paired them with leather pants and an eye-catching jacket. 
Ps: Spring has sprung over here, so stay tuned for more spring-ish outfits ;) 

ISABEL MARANT - Wedge Sneakers
LOUIS VUITTON - Bag / Bag Charm 
ZARA - Pants / Jacket / Shirt
 H&M TREND - Customized Coat , Sunnies
PRADA - Minimal Baroque Sunnies 

Thanks for reading! 
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Monday, April 08, 2013


As a sport junkie I've been in love with Nike and Asics sneakers since I started my healthy and sporty living a few years ago. Oh yes, Nike sneakers are illegally comfortable and started to be my new sole mates a few month ago when I recognized how stylish and yet comfortable they are on my way to my happy place-the gym ;) Isabel Marant taught us how to rock comfy, super stylish and extraordinary looking sneakers a few seasons ago and this trend is still so up to date. Has she guided us into a trend that preaches comfort, ankle stability and prevents synovial cysts on our feet? Wow, how great is that?! Haha no, I'm not going to immortalise this trend and yes, I'm going to rock my heels in the future, for sure, but for now I adore this trend. 
   If I could, I would always, just repeating it, 'always' wear one of my new loves - my Isabel Marant sneakers or one of my Nikes. 
I paired my new Nike Pegassus Trail 29 - a dream of neon colors, with leather pants, a simple top and a warm down parka. 
What do you think ? 
Would love to hear your thoughts ;) 

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