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the 18th district: FLUFFY FUR HEADPHONES

Monday, November 11, 2013


 Here in Austria, November is showing us his typical side - rainy, cold and windy. As I'm stuck in bed with a cold since Friday evening, I finally found some time to edit these pictures, which have already been taken a few weeks ago, when autumn was at its peek with all the wonderful colors and light, and  write a post.
On that wonderful day in October, I chose to rock my super cute & super fluffy new fur headphones from WeLoveFurs . (find two of my previous posts about We Love Furs here and here)
As you might have noticed already, I'm one of those girls who are not ''afraid'' to wear fur and adhere to this. Well, this is actually a fact, which the majority of my readers like and accept, but of course this topic is a very emotional and provocative one to some of you. You can read my opinion and thoughts about this topic at the end of this post. ***
Some fur companies nowadays think ''green'' and offer so called, green collections. 
WeLoveFurs is one of those and offers its ''GREEN COLLECTION''
 It's very important to them to use furs in the most eco-friendly and diligent way as possible. The ''GREEN COLLECTION'' represents maximum preservation of resources and sustainability within fur tailoring. For this collection they only use furs, which are by-products from the food industry and also carefully recycled furs. 

As you all know, I love unique and super cool accessories, like the fur headphones I'm wearing in this post. They are also part of WeLoveFurs' Green Collection and made of finest recycled fox fur. 
They definitely are the ultimate accessory for all fashionistas, who want to enjoy cool beats on the coldest days in the city or on the slope. 
They are handcrafted in Vienna by the master furrier ''FELL-MARCEL'', a limited edition and only available at 
WARNING : This fluffy and super warm music accessory is an eye-catcher, which definitely causes prying eyes! ;) 

Mister M .....
WE LOVE FURS - Headphones
H&M - Pullover / Leather Pants
ZARA - Boots / Necklace / Phone Case
***Lately, also due to some verbal assaults on Instagram, this question came up -
 Is it ok to wear fur? 
Fur is definitely back in fashion and a regular sight on the catwalks of famous designers and on the streets. The reason why I actually want to talk about this topic is, that some people condemned me and some other bloggers on Instagram for the fact that we wear fur. 
Yes, that's all about the freedom of choice and the freedom of expression. I love all the comments on Instagram, may they be positive or negative and in my opinion a free expression of opinion is important also in the social media world, but merely as long as these comments are not too low down and offending. To simply call someone a bad person and totally heartless, only because he or she wears fur, definitely isn't correct. Normally people are not offended in such a way for the fact that they eat meat or wear real leather. I'd also like to point out the hypocrisy in many of the celebrities who pose for PETA posters claiming they'd "rather be naked than wear fur" while walking down red carpets in leather, and other products made from the hide of an animal. A certain similarity to the hypocrisy of the stars and  the majority of the people who commented in such an offending and unfair way on Instagram can definitely be found , those people had no problem to show off their new leather bag or shoes or post a picture of their meal including meat. 
 I think one's decision to wear fur should be treated with the same nonchalance as one's decision to be a vegetarian or not. 
With the lines above, I only want to point out, that no one should be offended just because she/he wears fur.
I welcome all comments here and on Instagram, positive or critical, as long as they are not unfair or offending. ***

Thanks for reading! 
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At 12 November 2013 at 22:30 , Blogger Svetlana said...

Sehr sehr süße Kopfhörer :)
Und auch das gesamte Outfit finde ich super toll :)

Svetlana von Lavender Star


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